Yellow Metal Network is a division of Heavy Industry Association. MF Rotary Network and Stewarts International in Collaboration with Open Source Network, the National Business Forum - NBF and SABBC TV

The Yellow Metal Industry is always in demand and very competitive. We Help our Members to get the Competitive Advantage.

Yellow Metal Network is a Market Specific Network specializing in Integrated Network and Marketing Solutions. 

  • We are focused on the Yellow Metal Industry with its Game Players.
  • All our members are handpicked and pre-selected and can only join by invitation via a validation process.
  • Our Members are reputable and accountable for their efforts, commitment, discipline, integrity, and professional contribution.
  • As an Organisation, we are committed to the well being and protection of our members.
  • We provide a Comprehensive Communication, Marketing and Support Solution to Professionals within the Yellow Metal Industry.
  • We are constantly exploring different avenues to enhance our service delivery to our Valued Members.
  • This website is merely a comprehensive directory to enable Quick and timely information for real time optimization. Dramatically controlling the market for your benefit. 
  • It is of the utmost importance to make others aware of your business, your products and or services, and to be trusted and respected within the Industry.

Become part of a Greater Support Base and experience peace of mind.

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